Personal Narrative Essay On Shadow Ridge

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Let's start out bluntly here; I want to go to a different school. NOW WAIT!!! Before you roll your eyes and start counting how many times i've told you this, lets actually consider what we, or, what I am talking about here. As you are probably sick of hearing, I hate my current school. Hate is indeed a strong word so... I should use something stronger. I despise Century. But, changing schools has a benefit to the both of us! I understand there is something holding you back from changing me, but I hope this letter will change your mind.

You know the usual. “How was school?” you kindly ask but you will always get the same answer: a groan, an eye roll, or some usual teenager response. But, that is because i'd be completely lying if I said …show more content…

But, when I try to talk to you, you get frustrated and threaten me by sending me to a catholic school (which, for your information would worsen everything.) The only available school is Shadow Ridge. So, I understand you do not want me to go to Shadow for whatever reason it may be. My biggest guess is that Jade is there and it's a lower class school, i'm not positive. But, Jade being there has a massive benefit to me both socially and academically! Jade knows me more than I know my own self, you know this. Also, whenever I am with her, I get a huge mood increase and i'm motivated to do more. This Leads me to believe that if I was with her, my mood would increase and so would hers. Better mood leads to better grades, better grades leads to better mood and motivation, and ect. Plus, Since i've gone to Skyview and Eagleview, that means LOADS of my previous friends would be there! I already have a pretty big friend group and I would be able to talk to everyone, plus Jade, so, I always have a friend. Jade told me that a lot of the same people go there still from my old schools, so My social life would be greatly increased with also a big increase on my

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