Personal Narrative: Life At Valley Forge

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Life at Valley Forge Brave, have no fear of someone or something. American soldiers represent bravery. The huts of the soldiers were very long and wide. The fireplace was in acceptable condition. No beds in the huts just straw and mud. I have decided to re-enlist because of inspiration, help from congressmen, and conditions are somewhat good. The Boston Tea Party in 1773 was a rebellion on the Tea Act. Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. The Declaration of Independence declared our separation from England. There was two important victories at Trenton and Princeton. The victories were important so we could believe in ourselves that we can do anything. Washington’s army arrives at Valley Forge in 1777. Valley Forge is a camp outside of Philadelphia. Deserted is to leave without permission. The first reason I decided to re-enlist is because Thomas Paine wrote a …show more content…

On “Feb. 1, 1778, 3989 people were sick so they are going to leave so more food for us.(Bush 154). If people leave, that mean that we get more food. We also have “huts” to live in.(background). We can be warm instead of freezing in the winter night. We also have chimneys and a fireplace in the huts.(background). We have even more warmth in the huts. We at least survived the winter, the hardest time of the year.(background). The winter is the harshest time of the year and we obviously survived through the winter. This is causing me to re-enlist because there are good conditions in the camp.There are some great conditions at the camp so that is why I am staying. On the other hand, some soldiers say they are not going to re-enlist because there are bad conditions. The point of view makes sense because “ skin and eyes are almost spoil’d with continual smoke.”(Waldo 151). However, I’m re-enlisting because of encouragement, help from congressmen, and conditions are fair. Therefore, there are more reasons to stay than to

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