Advantages Of Being In A Block Class Program

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Imagine Being In the a situation that you are not in a school's schedule that you dislike and you are forced to move or deal with it. That does not sound like a good reason to move and dealing with it would be miserable. If I had the choice, i would change South Harrison High School’s program into a block class program. If You were to be in a block class program, the students will have two times more time with the teacher so the students learn more.

Some people might say that it would give the students to much time with their teachers but I would argue that is a good thing. If You're told to spell “cheetahs--gallop--everywhere--rambunctiously” and you had the option to write it having 5 seconds to write half of each word and then another 5 seconds to write the last half each word or 10 seconds to write it all? That is exactly what this argument is on the search for, it is asking you if you want to take time but complete more in the class and less in the subjects or rush it learn less every day but get a little bit of everything at the end of the day. …show more content…

I Believe that if there was to be a change to a block class program then the students would start shining and they would have a big change in their self esteem. If you were to change to block classes, my hypothesis is that you will see a change in student violetness, attitude, grades, stress, number of suicidal thoughts, and many more perks. You will also see the teachers change as well because they will not have to deal with as much repetitive work and it will feel to them as they are teaching something a little more different each time because they’re going throw more time in each

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