Essay On Why Students Should Have Longer Lunches

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Stress has become a major issue for high school students. Many students have seven classes, participate in sports, have after school activities, homework, and need to get an adequate amount of sleep each night. Some parents and outside influencers don’t see the benefits of having a longer lunch period for high school students. Students complain about how long school is now but they don 't have enough time outside of school to complete everything they are expected to. While it is understandable that some parents wouldn’t want longer lunches because it could result in safety issues and students having to remain in school 30 minutes longer than the traditional time, longer lunches would give students a chance to complete homework, get help from teachers, and eat a nutritious meal. All of which are lacked during a school day with a 30 minute lunch block.
Some people don’t want students to have longer lunch periods because it will result in them being in school longer. People think this will add more stress. Students won’t get out early, but will still be …show more content…

It becomes very difficult for students who participate in sports directly after school or those who ride the bus to find time to meet with a teach to get help. If they were to stay after school the students who ride a bus would risk missing their bus which lead to a difficult situation for their parents. Many parents are working eight to five jobs or multiple jobs and can’t take an hour to pick their student up and drive them home. If a student missed the bus because they stayed after school their parent could end up losing their job because they had to leave work. A longer lunch break would allow students to go to teachers classrooms and get help during lunch so they don’t miss the bus after school. Although this could result in students being in school 30 minutes longer it gives them the opportunity to complete some tasks that would cause them stress later that

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