Persuasive Essay On Open Campus Lunch

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Wouldn't it be marvelous if schools had a food court? As excited as that sounds, almost all schools don't have food courts provided. Only the richest school districts provide students and staff an inside food court. However, lunch time is an important meal, and it should be spent the way students like. Whether it is a McDonalds hamburger, or a Panera bread salad special, the students should have the freedom to choose. An open campus lunch for high school students is a great way for the students to have better food choices, to gain more responsibility, and to have more school activities to participate in. Not all smart kids, make smart decisions. An Open campus lunch for high school students will provide them all with better food options. Almost all schools provide students a healthy meal at lunch time. However, not all students prefer eating from the school cafeteria, some might be craving something other than what is provided at school lunches. For example, an ill student would probably want a bowl of hot soup from their favorite restaurant not rice with meat from the school lunch. Having an Open Campus Lunch can help students choose healthier choices out of all the options provided. When students eat a healthy lunch that satisfies them, they will be able to concentrate more in class. …show more content…

Open campus at lunch time is a huge advantage for high school students, and is a great punishment as well. The student's responsibility to come back to school on time will have consequences if students don't follow it. This will help them realize that the word is run by rules and if people don't follow them, there will always have consequences. Students will be gaining responsibility for collage and the real world after that. To succeed in life people need independence, maturity, and responsibility. An Open Campus Lunch helps young student gain these

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