Should Schools Have Open Campus Lunches Essay

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Should School Have Open Campus Lunches

Seventy percent of all high schools in America have closed campus lunches. At U.S. Grant High School they are one of the schools that do not allow students to leave campus for lunches. When students do leave the campus, they get an one hundred dollar truancy fine the first time. The next time is five hundred dollars. After that they keep adding an extra five hundred dollars to the fine. It seems just a bit excessive. The point is, should the students just stop leaving for lunch or should the school just allow students to have the ability to leave? Schools should allow the students to leave campus for lunch.

In order for the students to leave campus the will have to provide a driver license, insurance information, make and model of the car, and school ID. When the …show more content…

Grant High school in the morning the school checks every student's bag and they have to go through a metal detector. This prevents students from bringing in drugs, alcohol, or anything that can harm themselves or another student. That being said, students who do leave for lunch will have to be searched again. This is a problem because most students do not like being checked in the morning and they will certainly not like the fact that they will have to be searched for a second time. Most students will see this as unfair and that the school does not trust them but in order for them to get something they want they are going to have to compromise.

Another advantage of having open campus lunches is that schools lunch ladies will have an easier time making all the lunches. They will not have to do as much cooking because about a quarter of the school will leave for lunch. That will also save the school a lot of money by not having to spend money on that much food. And most schools are tight on their budgets so it will free up some cap space and with that money the schools can buy better desks, better equipment, or whatever the school's

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