School Lunches Research Paper

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Food is a very large topic to talk about. There is a lot of information involving nutrients and sugars. Sugar is a very large problem in our society because it can cause harm and we should make all school lunches healthy. Some studies show that Americans are cutting back on sweets, but this is wrong. This is wrong because many articles including “Danger in Desserts?” says it’s rising by an astonishing 50%. The reason it’s rising is because there are a ton of new foods that are loaded with sugar. People still eat these sugar loaded foods because the sugar is really hidden within these foods really well. In addition, sugar is very difficult to cut back on because it is addictive and delicious. In conclusion, the studies of American sugar habits that are going down are wrong by a long ways. …show more content…

She has spent many years trying to make school lunches healthier. After half of a decade, republicans finally agreed with her to make school lunches more healthy. Many people say that they like unhealthy school lunches better, but this is wrong because everyone like unhealthy school lunches on the way they taste, but it is more important about how healthy they are. Obesity rates would shoot through the roof if all of the school lunches were unhealthy. I see why they think this (Because it tastes better), but it is about the kids health. If a school has unhealthy lunch, the kids might be happy for the time, but their life won’t be happy in the future when they grow up to be obese. All of this information proves that schools are a lot healthier now and they should keep it this way for many years to come. This healthy food also gives kids enough energy to get through the day. If they eat unhealthy lunches they won't have enough energy to make it through the day so they won't learn as much as they could if they eat healthy school lunches. In the end, schools are better off with healthy foods rather than unhealthy foods for many

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