Summary Of The School Lunch Program By Ariana Cha

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Ariana Cha combats a seriously pressing topic in her writing. While many articles are very quick to bash the school lunch program, while this article can enforce it. Cha is supporting the most common argument with the school lunch program, nutritional content. Cha is stating that the nutrients are offered, but are not being accepted by the students. The audience intended for this reading is, literally, anybody that disagrees with the provided meals. The entire reading seems to emphasize the fact that fruits and vegetables are offered, but are not taken. Little attention is given to any other food group other than those that students tend to be lacking. Cha does this with the intention of combating those who argue that students do not receive …show more content…

Cha makes it obvious that she is in support and on the defensive side for the school lunch program. I believe that Cha does this because she is able to see that creating a lunch program that is affordable, efficient and appetizing to all students, is nearly impossible and she is doing her very best show that efforts are being expended to do this. Cha writes of the studying of students served lunch and the actual intake. Many results were showing that students were choosing not to eat the foods that students are lacking the most. Cha has the most common stasis of evaluation. She states the study and then digests the results and defines the issues and success of the lunch servings. Cha does propose that the program is eventually going to succeed as the changes continue to become implemented. Cha does not spend a lot of time defining during her writing; this could be due to the overwhelming amount on wordage spent on facts. Cha spends much of this reading stating the issues that she has found in her studies and spends even more time evaluating what the causes of the “failure” of the school lunch

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