Healthier School Lunch Menu

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Imagine your school cafeteria plans to change to a new healthier school lunch menu, which would eliminate some of the students favorite cafeteria foods. Although people think that changing the lunch menu to a healthier menu is a good thing, however this is not true. The food might be healthier but what difference does it make if no one's eating it. Think about it, most students would stop eating, the school makes money off of lunch, and it helps keep parents' happy, sounds pretty good to me. I speak for most kids when I say don't change the lunch menu. Change is not always good. It definitely isn't good when students stop eating. Everyone knows it's harder to focus when your hungry, and in school we need a hundred percent focus. When people don't eat most of the time they become …show more content…

Changing the menu will stop certain students' from showing up to school, because some students only come to school to eat. Students pay money to get lunch, so changing the menu would most likely stop them from buying lunch. I'm no business guru but i do know every business likes making money. Changing the menu would only bring in a lot of food that's going to go to waste. The school shouldn't change the menu, I mean they have to pay for the food that they get. Most likely the school will have money left over, I look at it like they can put the money into investments. The school could use the money for the following reasons: The school gets destroyed, getting sued, or in a money crisis. Keeping the menu the same could only make parents happy. If parents don't want their kids eating a certain type of way they could get together and protest. They might not win the protest but it'll attract bad media to the school. Parents don't want to be at work stressing over whether there kid is hungry or not, stress is never good. lets say a lot of parents say their done with the stress, and decide to pull their kids out of the school. Not enough students could run

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