Students Should Be Allowed To Change School Lunches

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Imagine that your school cafeteria plans to change to a new, healthier lunch menu, which could eliminate some of the students' favorite cafeteria lunches. Some schools may believe that this change will be a beneficial change, but i disagree. Students should have the right to eat what they please. If you, the principal, decides to change the lunch menu these problems can and will show up at some point in time, if the school eliminates the food that students' like then some might stop buying school lunches, the school will stop receiving the much needed money from these lunches, and some students might "fight" back in order to get their favorite foods back. First, if the school eliminates the foods students' like then some might stop buying lunches from the …show more content…

He goes to the cafeteria, wanting some delicious pizza poppers, but he does not see them. He asks Jane, the lunch lady, "where are the pizza poppers?" Jane replies, " they are gone, but we have new, healthier choices". Timmy might decline the schools services and take his money else where. Which means the school just lost a daily customer and money. Second, the school will start losing money from the decline in sales of school lunches. If students' favorite lunches are taken away then students will stop buying school lunches , which means the school will start losing the much needed money for other activities. Money is needed for almost everything, which include lighting, plumbing, heating, electricity, extracurricular activities, paying schools' staff, etc. If a school does not have enough money it will limit learning, cant afford textbooks, and eliminate some classes people enjoy such as, band, chorus, wood shop, and agriculture classes because the school can not afford them. Which is not going to make the students happy. Lastly, students might "fight" back to get their favorite lunches back. When I say "fighting" I do not mean fisticuffs, I simply mean protesting, writing a

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