Free School Lunches Research Paper

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Lately parents of elementary students have been complaining about being hungry through the school day, or not being able to eat at lunch. Teachers are starting to realize a lack of concentration in their classes, and I’m pretty sure the teachers don’t like it. Each day there are tons of elementary students that are going to school full but leave school hungry. The reason for that is students are being forced to be hungry, because they can’t afford to pay, and schools will not give kids free lunches. All elementary students should be able to eat lunch for free to reduce hunger in schools. As a elementary school lunch monitor they should be able to let kids have free meals when they do not have enough money to pay. I think schools should give students free lunches for many reasons one is, some families might live in poverty and can not afford to pay for lunch (Snyder and Musa-Gillette). Parents may not have jobs to pay for lunch. Families incomes may seem higher than what they are actually bringing home. I know some people might think “well they can just get reduced lunch”. Well that’s not helping families in poverty either. Suppose lunch is $3.00 and reduced lunch …show more content…

For example if the school has meals that were not touched or unwrapped the school throws them away at the end of the school day. Why not save those meals so extra students can be able to eat. If schools have way more food than what they really need, than why can’t students have free lunches (Rick Plumlee)? I also understand that sometimes students who pay might not have the money that day, they should still be able to get their lunch and pay extra tomorrow. But not letting students eat at all is a disgrace. Students shouldn’t go to school knowing that they can’t eat. The least the school could do is give students a sandwich or a little meal if they can’t afford their

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