No Kid Hungry Research Paper

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Did you know that 1 in 5 U.S. kids don’t get the food they need every day? This negatively impacts kids’ health and development, but this can also negatively impact them academically as well as emotionally and socially. No Kid Hungry is an organization that is making a difference regarding this problem. No Kid Hungry was founded by Billy Shore and his sister Debbie Shore in 1984. Since then, No Kid Hungry has raised and invested more than $528 million in the fight against hunger, and has won the support of national leaders in business, government, health and education, sports, and entertainment.

No Kid Hungry connects children that are in need with foods that are nutritious through programs such as school breakfast and summer meals which provides kids with nutritious food during the summer. No Kid Hungry also teaches families how to prepare healthy yet affordable meals through the program Cooking Matters. “No Kid Hungry has an immediate impact on …show more content…

Cooking Matters not only teaches you how to prepare nutritious food, but also teaches you how to shop strategically and look at the nutrition labels so families know what’s in their food and how to make healthier choices. No Kid Hungry also has programs such as Dine Out for No Kid Hungry, Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry, and Generation No Kid Hungry. Dine Out for No Kid Hungry is when the restaurant industry comes together to help spread No Kid Hungry’s mission of making sure no child goes hungry in America. Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry is a program presented by Domino Sugar and C&H Sugar that encourages people to host bake sales to end child hunger in their communities. Generation No Kid Hungry is a program presented by that Sodexo Foundation that consists of youth leaders that are dedicated to ending childhood hunger by ensuring that all children get the healthy food they need every

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