Motlow State University Case Study

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Motlow State Community College does not offer a cafeteria for students at the Smyrna Center. Constructing a cafeteria at Motlow State Community College would be beneficial for everyone, including the staff and students. A cafeteria would offer convenience for students and staff, increase the attendance rate, and allow students to engage in social interactions with one another. Not only is cafeteria favorable for the Motlow State community, but it would multiply the revenue for the school. Predominantly, constructing a cafeteria will improve the Smyrna campus as a whole. Many students and staff have a full day of classes and having a full schedule does not permit enough time to go off campus for lunch. In addition, there are some students that get dropped off by their family, friends or public transportation and not able to leave during the day. That means some students are bound to stay on campus and limited to the junk food in the vending machines. Poor weather could also limit the students from going out and the cafeteria could be utilized in times like this. A cafeteria would offer staff and students the convenience and the choice of having a healthier meal on campus. Having access to a cafeteria would limit the amount of students that leave campus for lunch. Students are known to leave …show more content…

The extra funds would have to be used to renovate a space that could support a dining facility. Funds would also need to be directed towards maintenance of the facility, staff, food supplies, kitchen supplies, along with waste management. Although, resources and time would need to be provided for the initial renovation of the facility, over time, having a cafeteria would increase revenue for the school. Students and faculty members will utilize the cafeteria and compensate for the funds initially used, and the school will continue to make

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