School Lunches Research Paper

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Determining the healthiness of food being served to students during school lunches is a very important subject. Although eating healthy is important it should not be the only factor contributing to whether or not taking away students favorite school lunches is beneficial. I don't believe that it is a good idea to take away students favorite school lunches and replacing them with all healthy foods is a good idea because of these three reasons. One, the cost of the healthier food, two, the student environment and mood of the school, and three, the fairness to the students whose only meal is the lunch they receive at school. Some people may argue that school lunches are not healthy enough and need to be changed to foods that are more nutritious. …show more content…

By not spending more money on healthier food the school could spend the money on new textbooks or even tablets for students that will better their education and most likely higher grades. Consequently brightening the future and opening new doors for the students that they most likely would not have been achievable without the better education and higher grades. Another important factor that needs to be accounted for is the school environment and the mood of the school. By taking away students favorite foods it may have a very negative affect on the school. One negative affect is that students may decide to not go to school as much due to the lack of appetizing lunches being served, which may lead to all sorts of negative affects. Another negative effect is test scores and grades may drop because the student is not as focused because they have not had anything to eat and are much more worried about eating than paying attention in class. The mood of the school might also be more negative. If students are happy and feel they are treated fairly they will show more school spirit and all around be a much happier learning environment. Last but not least the fairness to all students especially ones that only meal they get to eat each day is the one they

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