Persuasive School Lunches

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Crunch! That was the sound of my tooth breaking from biting into a chocolate chip cookie. If you don 't want this to happen to you your probably not going to want to eat school lunch in the U.S. Most kids in the U.S. don 't like school lunches, but some kids have to eat school lunch. Some kids rely on school lunch as their only food for the day. School lunches should be healthy and filling to benefit students. School lunches in the U.S. are some of the worst in the world, this should be improved to benefit students. By improving school lunches it can improve kids performance in class and have them be more productive. By eating a balanced breakfast and lunch it keeps your metabolism going all day. 18% of kids from twelve to nineteen are obese in the U.S. says (overweight in children) by having better balanced meals this would help children stay healthy ultimately giving them longer to live. Eating a good and filing breakfast can give kids the brain power to get better grades in their classes, this doesn 't just benefit the students it also benefits the teachers because the students are more attentive and focused. Schools should be required to have good fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat, and grains. Most schools in the U.S serve fried "meat" like popcorn chicken mashed potatoes, peas which kids probably won 't eat because they don 't taste good and a sugary fruit cup says (Photos Of School Lunches From Around The World). This is not a balanced meal and students are paying

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