School Menu Research Paper

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The best part of school is lunchtime. Many children say it is their favorite subject. Most students also look forward to eating the delicious food given to them. Eating the food gives the students energy and fills them up until dinner. Students get excited to go to lunch and eat the most delicious food the cafeteria has to offer. Although our school would see a drastic deduction in overweight students, Our school should keep the same menu because the school would loose money, students have allergies to certain food, and students will do everything in their power to get the menu back. The first reason why our school should keep the same menu is because the school would loose money. Many students love their pizza Tuesdays and their corn …show more content…

The students will stop buying lunch which in turn will lower our budget. Having a lower budget means that the fun filled activities that the school planned won't happen any more. Changing the menu may also lead to students getting allergic reactions. Also, many students have allergies to all sorts of food and the menu we have now does not bother them that much. Changing the menu will result in problems regrading these students with allergies. Some students are allergic to wheat bread and eating it gives them severe symptoms. Changing the menu means you would have to get a second lunch menu just to accommodate them. That would be a hassle when you could just keep the same menu. Our school may also get many parent phone calls concerned about their students health and well being. Another problem that would occur is students starting a petition. Lastly, students do not do well with change. Students love stability and changing the menu will make the students hate the school. Students may go as far as getting a petition to change the menu back. That would cause problems by itself. Students will start acting out in class and they wont care what kind of trouble they would get into. Students would even go community meetings to

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