Persuasive Essay On Bullis Charter School

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On the second to last day of school, during recess, third graders ran around the blacktop. On the aforementioned day, clouds filled the sky and a light rain was wetting the playground. While his classmates played, a third grader threw another student’s shoe, angering the owner. In fury, the student who owned the shoe went around the playground with one of his friends to interview others about what the classmates didn’t like about the student who threw the shoe. Soon after, the target learned of the incident from his PE teacher. He was then sent to the office with the conspirators, where the students were all reprimanded for their actions and the bullies received punishment.
The occurrence of bullying in the third grade is not the only example of bullying in our school. A student, who wishes to remain anonymous, was bullied a few years ago. On the topic, she says she felt attacked because the ruffian was someone she knew. At first, she was angry at …show more content…

Furthermore, bullying can lead to emotional harm which can change the life of a target for the worse. Due to of bullying’s emotional impact on students, Bullis Charter School has put some anti-bullying measures in place. One of these measures is called a solution team. Another student who was interviewed said he had been part of 2 solution teams. He reported the existence of a No Bully Referral Form which, he said, could be used to report bullying to one’s self and others. Also, the student explained, the solution team tried to make the target feel better about themselves and tried to stop problems around the school if the problems were relevant to the situation. However, the student also stated he knew of incidents where the system was abused, and no help came from the form. Obviously, many students have mixed feelings about the system; the school’s system seems good in theory, but less in

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