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For the past years, different groups and organizations have wanted to change the mascot. To these groups and organizations, they felt that the mascot was offensive and disrespectful to them. Some Native Americans states that use of their imagery under the name “Indians” is offensive viewing Indians as warriors like in the back in the wild west.
Here are some reasons why we need to keep the mascot 1) it is a symbol of our school that we take pride in. 2) past graduates represent the logo when they are a part of an activity or watching a game at the school. 3) the school honor Frank Prentup with an mascot of an Indians.
When I went to Manhattan High School I was part of the choir. I felt great pride having the opportunity to represent the Manhattan Indians at district events. It gave us pride to represent the Manhattan Indians when we are at events in other states. Alumni and Current Students find it a privilege and honor to represent the high school and the community.
The school honor Frank Prentup by the mascot, who was a beloved coach at Manhattan High School and was referred to as “chief” due to his heritage in the Tuscarora tribe. People that walk in the school should know that the Indian represents pride and having the …show more content…

They have made their decision on the mascot and they are going to change it but they don’t know what it will be. They are now starting to offer courses on the Native American culture and its heritage. The school board has suggested to have the school change to Prentup High School to honor Frank Prentup. The change will hurt the budget for changing the mascot. They will have to change uniforms on jerseys, the football field, the band war chant for all games and change the buses that have the Indian mascot on it that the players go on to the games. The Adias will pay for all the uniforms that they will have to make and buy for each person in a sport at the

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