Sports Team Names And Mascots Essay

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There are many sports team names and mascots whose names reference Native Americans; this has become a public controversy due to the sports team names being interpreted as a racially offensive pursue. Most people do not take into consideration that these teams have an important meaning behind them, and how they contribute to the insightful history of Native Americans themselves. It would be a catastrophe having to lose all the history. Many claims toward this idea of "racism" are due to NFL and college team names such as the Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Florida State Seminoles are just a few. However, the underlying truth is that teams with names like these are meant to honor and represent the pride and strength these tribes have had throughout their history. "We Seminoles embrace the mascot... they honor us", says James Billie, the tribes chairman. When he claims this statement, he is referring to their mascots having more than the appearance of calling out a specific race but to recognize the ones who deserve the merit (source C). People who find this so offensive don 't realize that in reality we are all hypocritical. Claiming how the names of these teams are racist is not fair to the NFL or any other sports association because those same critics are found using "native" based products …show more content…

We can 't forget our founders. As Lydia Huntley Sigourney sites in one of her poems "Indian Names", "how can the red men be forgotten, while so many of our states and territories, bays, lakes, and rivers, are indelibly stamped by names of their giving?” That is a perfect example of how not only sports teams use representable names of such but also our land and different dominions are named after Native Americans. Nudging out sports teams in such way isn 't fair when it 's being used for other entities, and pulls out the irony from

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