Belleville West Case Study

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Sport News at Belleville West As school goes on sports will also go on. The most popular sports are football, Basketball, Soccer and Track. The sports that were just listed won 't be the only sports that are talked about throughout this article. As the seasons change other sports wind down and others began to start. Let 's jump straight into the news. A century of 201 football was under way. Celebrating a 100 years Belleville west Football on October 1st Belleville West faced off Belleville East. Players, cheerleaders and coaches from throughout District 201’s storied football history will be honored Oct. 1 when Belleville West plays host to Belleville East. Afterward, West Coach Cameron Pettus said “...generations of players, fans and coaches will get together at Fischer’s Restaurant …show more content…

“Coach Al Sears was the best coach and I was sad to see him leave. He pushed all the wrestlers to their limits and then some. He truly was the best and hopefully Coach Joe can meet his expectations or better yet even surpass him as a wrestling coach.” Jamie said. A four-time All-American wrestler in the heavyweight division at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and highly successful wrestling coach at Belleville West for the past 14 years, Sears has been elected as part of the 2015 class into the Illinois Wrestling Coaches and Officials Association Hall of Fame. Coach Sears had well deserved this place in the hall of fame as he lead the Belleville west wrestlers to countless victories and even gotten wrestlers scholarships to multiple universities or colleges. The wrestlers of Belleville West will always miss him as the seasons and years go on. Reflection on their past the wrestlers will take into account the coaching the coach has taught them and will continue to be successful in their journey. Coach Joe will be an amazing coach as he has taken over but will not be as amazing as Al

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