Stereotypes Of Team Mascots

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Are team mascots using stereotypes? What about the team names? And their logos? Mascots and team names are stereotypical or offensive. These are all teams that have stereotypes. If a team name, mascot, or insignia is offensive, then just change it; it is just a sports team. Even if a team changes it, it is not like every jock, or sports fan is not going to know theyour new name, mascot, or insignia. Using Native American images and names in professional, collegiate, and high school sports teams do reinforce and perpetuate stereotypes because the mascots and team names give stereotypical features. These stereotypes are mainly coming from mascots. Sports team’s mascots have been known to have the most stereotypical features. These mascots are offensive towards Native Americans, because mascots have feathers, headdresses, and even braids and mohawks. Mascots in the past have made it look as if them and their teams have no respect or common decency for Native Americans. Some of the most offensive features of these mascots are the mascots having weird, and misshapened faces. For example the mascot for the Cleveland indians. All of these features are obviously uncalled for. Clearly it they’re just stereotypes. …show more content…

Team names such as the Redskins, and the Cleveland Indians are a few examples of Native American stereotypes and racism. Stereotypes, reinforced by mascots, make Native Americans feel insulted. How Native Americans feel is another thing that makes all these stereotypes feel more insulting. Native Americans feel as if all these stereotypes show that nobody has any respect for Native Americans. What if it were you?, if a race is being stereotyped by a sport then it’s just a sport, change your logo, name, or mascot, it’s no big

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