Chief Wahoo Logo In Clevelandgo Analysis

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In 1947 the Cleveland Indians introduced the Chief Wahoo logo for their uniforms. In the beginning of the logos days, it was seen as very offensive due to its yellow face and large nose. Many Native Americans were upset with the baseball teams decision to create such a disrespectful logo to represent the Cleveland Indians. Eventually the organization realized its fault and recreated the Chief Wahoo logo. They made the nose smaller and revealed the red faced caricature we have today. Almost everyone loved the logo and still continues to love the logo today. Everybody all over the country was buying items of clothing with the Chief on them. At multiple points in time it was the best selling logo in all of Major League Baseball behind the New York Yankees. But through out time there have still been many Native Americans and other individuals who hate the logo. Through protesting and wasting time, being mentally offended, and not attending games these people have shown they don’t enjoy Chief Wahoo. “In all my life I have never seen something that bothers me more then the Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo logo.” This is a quote from people who spend certain days of the year at Progressive field in downtown Cleveland, protesting this horrific caricature. Every year on opening day for the Cleveland Indians, people stand outside and protest the logo. They leave their paying jobs to go on down and stand around. These people hold signs, yell, and try to get you to believe their point.

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