Tampa Bay Skating Academy Ethos Pathos Logos

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The Tampa Bay Skating Academy website uses a numerous number of rhetorical devices throughout their web site to show their services, programs and information they have to offer. This web site uses these rhetorical devices to show interest to visitors of this site. In addition, I will discuss how Tampa Bay Skating Academy uses logos, pathos and ethos to communicate and advertise to the customers who visit the web site. Logos Through many images and words, Tampa Bay Skating Academy attempts to persuade their customers on their web site to display their programs and activities that they provide. The Tampa Bay Skating Academy even states: "Our coaching staff even includes USA Hockey certified coaches and Olympic and World instructors!" This …show more content…

These pictures include descriptions on their site about how successful they are at what they do including: teaching people to ice skate and even learn to play hockey. There are several links that the customer can use to find out more information about the company and how majority of their customers are beyond satisfied when choosing this company. Tampa Bay Skating Academy uses these links on their homepage so that the customer can personally inspect what they do and to see how happy everyone is that is in their programs. There is a specific image of one of their hockey teams that displays the happiness within the children due to having fun at the Tampa Bay Skating Academy. Without the use of pathos, this web site would be very bland and would not express the joy that everyone has when signing up for this program. Tampa Bay Skating Academy states: "We are dedicated to providing a safe, fun, and friendly atmosphere where skaters, new and experienced, can enjoy the sport of ice skating." This quote on their website states that they provide a safe, experienced and friendly atmosphere in which they are devoted while, providing their programs. They have been in business for a long time therefore they must be successful at what they

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