The Importance Of Bandwagoning In Sports

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“You're such a band wagoner!” What is bandwagoning? What does it mean and why do people do it? Many people say that there is always a bulk of bandwagoning when it comes to sports. For a team that is struggling, that is detrimental. Some teams that are good but fall apart and lose their fan base, never are able to recover from it. When it comes to the fan base the teams that belong to the name “Detroit” are stars at faith. With the Tigers 2003 season and the Lions with their flawed “0 and 16” season; they lost very little to none of their fans! Loyalty like this is a tough thing to come by in every aspect of sports, from high school to professional. Loyalty is a quality that is not always easy to have. With the lions and their 0-16 season…show more content…
When it comes to the tight rivalry games, a strong fan base and encouraging crowd help the team win the game. This year when we versed Jenison at their pool in water polo their crowd and their team were all enthusiastic and pushed their team. We had beaten them three times before that, but we had no chance in this game. We were the better team, but they go the best of us by using their crowd and the physicality to take it to us and win. The crowd is not always the way a team wins. When we versed East Grand Rapids at their pool, their crowd was one of the most enthusiastic but we still beat them pretty handily. Hence the crowd does help and it kept the game close, it isn't always enough to pull out the big upset. Upsets can happen, and crowds do help, but they aren’t enough on their own. The team will still need the talent to win. A good loyal fan base is a must for all sports teams. Without them, the team may not be able to pull out the win in the big rivalry games. A loyal fan is one who stays through the good and the bad. Some of the Lions and Tigers fans are super loyal to the game and their team. The teams all have thousands of year to year season ticket holders, and the high school teams have a lot of season pass holders also. All sports and teams need a great and strong fan base for their games, good and bad ones. Loyal fans are hard to come
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