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This is me Today I am a kid in school, just a number to most people. Just a statistic to my high school, and to Wake County Public school system. The not the only this I am, this is not the only place I have been or the last place I will be going. You see for me to be just another number here, or a good statistic at my high school, I had to have learn a thing or two along the way, this journey that I am on, that all of us are on, had to start somewhere. This, this right here everything that I am about to tell you, I my story of how I Sara Mcinerney, made it to UNC charlotte. This lovely so far 19 year journey start September 5th 1997, in Portland Maine. I was born to Brian and Kristina Mcinerney; I am there second born child. My older sister …show more content…

In this time I have made four moves. I have lived in Charlotte NC, for a total of 9 months, we moved back to Georgia for another 7, and now im in Wake Forest NC. Where I have stayed since. I have started to notice the difference between me and the other kids with are reading and comprension abilities. Im still reading the magic tree house. Granted the book were extremely good from what I can remember. But It was anthing compared to harry potter and twilight, or any other book that my peer were reading. When it came time to starderd test like the EOG, I was given extra time, I had some one actual read my test to me. The Next big step for me in my reading happened in 7th grade when I found a new book series to read. The Percy Jackson series. There was something about the adventure books that drew me to them. It was like an excape from the world around me. It even went further with percy Jackson. Percy was a Demi god, that was dyslexic just like all demigod in the book series, I related to him because I had so much trouble reading like my class mates did. it would take me forever to read but I did it. And in 7th grade it showed on my end of grade EOG when my score grew by 13 points. Which was considered a

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