Persuasive Essay Dress Code

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School dress code isn’t just a list of clothes you can and cannot wear, it’s a violation of your First Amendment rights. Dress code is a set of guidelines in reference to clothing. Most schools use different dress codes, but they are very common throughout the United States. Dress code is said to be used as a way to protect students in schools, but dress code is used for many different things, it can be a good thing, and it can also be a bad thing.
To begin, dress code is typically a set of rules that gives a detailed list to what you can and can not wear. Dress code is very common in places such as offices, workplaces, and schools. Having a dress code in offices and workplaces isn’t a problem because it makes the workers dress appropriate and represent the company. Although people can argue that dress code in schools does the same thing as workplaces and offices, there is a lot of controversy. Dress code and uniform policies in schools hasn’t always been a problem, because clothing used to be simple and plain. As time has gone on, numbers have been dramatically increasing. In 2003-2004 one in eight public schools required a uniform. In 2011-2012 numbers rose to one in five schools (“School”). Lots of schools are required to enforce dress code and most of them have a Code of Conduct or specific document where the rules and guidelines are layed out. There are many opinions about the dress code but, schools believe that it plays a key role in students academic performance.

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