Dress Code Pros And Cons

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What if your middle school girl came home from school one day and told you that she had to wear boy’s gym shorts because the yoga pants she was wearing turned boys on. Well, this happened to a 13 year old girl for two days in a row at her school. Most schools in the United States have a dress code policy containing many rules for what kids have to wear. In the United States dress code has a very controversial background with many opinions for and against it. First, there are many dress code rules in schools. A handful of these rules include, no hats, no illegal substances can be advertised on garments, no sunglasses, and jackets must be worn with good taste (“Student”). Rules directed at a specific gender includes, “Female student can wear unsleeved garments that adequately cover their undergarments” (“Student”), and, ”Male students have to wear sleeved garments” (“Student”). With rules comes opinions, and with opinions comes arguments. Second, Because of these rules there are many people with opinions againsts the dress code policy. Many student argue that a forced manner of dress is a infaction of their First Amendment rights (“School”). Meaning that the rules restrict them from doing what the first amendment says they can do. Other people argue that dress codes send the wrong messages to students. They declare that forcing students to wear similar clothing tells students that they cannot be trusted to make their own decisions. In the United States, parents spend

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