Dress Code Thesis

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Dress Code When it comes to the topic of dress code there are many controversial factors that come to mind such as While some argue that dress code is necessary in order to properly teach students to dress appropriately, others contend that dress code infringes on students individuality and creativity. This is not to say that there are some people whose feelings land in the gray area in between. In recent discussion of dress code, a common question has been whether dress code is fair or not fair among all students. On the one hand we have parents, young women, and other members of society who argue that some schools take dress code too far. Reporter Kelly Wallace, from CNN writes a piece about Catherine Pearlman, a mother of two who said her daughter was, now 13 was told by her teacher she couldn 't wear her yoga pants to school because “ Boys would get turned on and then be embarrassed.” The article then goes on to show the mothers anger towards the sexuall “lessson” that was made to her daughter. Her daughter was just 13. She does not understand why the outfit her mother bought her is wrong. It is not just this one teacher who has this mindset Kosher Casual writes their five benefits of dress code. One being that it forces students to promotes good behavior. Administrator, Older adults, and some of our politicians are all in favor for the act of dress code as many have the same belief that somehow a piece of clothing or a piercing can be the difference between good or

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