Why Is It Important To Have Dress Codes

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Have we ever walked into a room wearing a tshirt and shorts, while everyone around us is dressed up in extremely fancy clothes? It is awkward. We feel out of place. They stare at us with big eyes watching our every move. Dress codes were put into place a long time ago. They were meant to make everyone look uniform and put together. They wanted to give off a prestigious look. They also thought it could better the learning of children, so that way they are not distracted by what others are wearing. Dress codes make mornings easier. We don 't have to set our alarms for 30 minutes earlier, just so we can pick out a cute outfit. When we wake up we don 't have to stress out for several minutes to decide what to wear. We can just throw on …show more content…

Some parents and people think when we give them uniforms it takes away their freedom of expression and restricts them from showing who they are. This is wrong. They can still express themselves in many ways, such as: wearing unique tennis shoes, styling their hair however they want, mix and matching the uniform pieces, wearing fun jewellery, etc. They can also wear the fun clothing outside of school, whenever they want. Uniforms make it so everyone looks together and one, so no one gets better or worse treatment for what they wear. Wearing out of uniform wear can also be distracting. If a girls is wearing a provocative outfit it could distract the boys from what they need to learn. Or if a guy was wearing short shorts it could distract girls from learning. The whole point of going to school isn 't to show off the new clothes you just bought. The point of school is to actually learn. Who will care in 10 years what shirt you wore last Thursday? The point being, school is a place for students to learn and grow, we do not need the distractions of out-of-uniform clothing. Dress codes are a good thing because they make life easier in the mornings and don 't cause as much bullying. Dress codes make everyone look uniform and professional, as well as, making it easier for the students to learn at

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