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Many high schools have implemented dress codes that set rules for what students can and cannot wear while on school premises, and yet many people disagree with these policies. Though arguments can be made for either side, a dress code can have a very positive outcome for all parties involved. A fixed dress code promotes professionalism in a learning environment, and contrary to popular belief, it does not limit a student’s freedom of expression. Last but not least it encourages equality and acceptance among their peers. A dress code can be reasonable if used in proper situations that require certain attires. I believe there is indeed a need for a dress code for it to be able to maintain an atmosphere conducive for learning.

To begin, with many students of different upbringings attending the school, it is crucial to make sure students dress appropriately in an educational environment. Adolescences particularly, dress the most provocative in an effort to fit in and attract the same or opposite sex. By enforcing more professional attire, it would show students of both sexes the appropriate way to dress in an academic setting. In addition, a dress code can contribute to student’s education by showing students how to dress for the working world. Since most students will have to work at some point after they graduate, it’s important to know there is a time and place to wear suitable clothing. What’s more, dress codes can promote discipline and good standards which in

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