Why Dress Codes Are Important In Schools

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Dress codes should always be implemented because they focus students and better prepare learners for endeavors later in life. Teenagers tend to get distracted by short-shorts or tight pants. However, a dress code would prevent such distractions from occurring. Also, a dress code teaches children how to properly dress themselves, which will be a necessary ability later in life. Dress codes also make people uncomfortable, which means they are attentive. Dress codes are a necessary aspect of school, and they help teenagers to focus more in school.

Rules for how to dress prevent boys and girls from being distracted by fancy clothing. Often times, girls tend to focus on what other girls are wearing and how other girls may look super attractive or trashy. In addition, boys look at girls who are dressed in very releasing clothing. Whether the person is a boy or girl, both become distracted by revealing or poor clothing. …show more content…

Sometimes, young adults go to interviews poorly dressed or untidy, and do not receive the job. However, rules for how to dress would teach adolescents early on for how to correctly dress. Without the knowledge of how to correctly dress, girls with go into interviews with messy dresses and boys will go in with untidy hair. However, a dress code will allow teachers to explain the importance of dressing well.

Uncomfortable clothing is extremely helpful in keeping learners attentive. When people where comfortable clothing, they tend to perform worse or not listen as well. This means that when people at school are wearing comfortable clothing, they will not pay attention or understand information nearly as well. However, the clothing that a dress code requires tends to be tight or rough, and is quite uncomfortable. Uncomfortable clothing is very good at forcing students to pay attention and focus during class, so that they can understand the material

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