Persuasive Essay About Dress Code

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Have you ever gotten dress coded? Well, I have, even though what I was wearing wasn’t even bad. Schools have always had a problem with the dress code because students want to wear what they like! First, everyone expresses themselves in many ways. When teens express themselves through their clothes they shouldn 't get punished for it. Second, a dress code should not harm anyone 's religion or heritage background. Kids shouldn’t have to worry about getting dress coded for the way they look because if it was how they were raised they shouldn’t have to get looked down on for it. Although, it can help with kids and teens getting teased. Kids don’t just get teased for their clothes, it could be anything and that will never change. Teens should be able to wear clothes they want and not what the schools want. In the first place, teens should be able to express themselves in many ways. Having a dress code makes it so teens can’t fully express themselves through their clothes. Now people can and do express themselves many different ways but you can tell a lot from a person just from the way they dress. In the article School Dress Codes Limit Students ' Freedom of Expression it states, “Meanwhile in North Carolina, a principal told students that he wouldn 't allow …show more content…

Different from before, dress code can help teens and kids not get teased. Some teens get teased at school for what they are wearing, but no matter what there are always going to be mean people in this world even with a dress code. The article School Dress Codes Are Necessary and Constitutional states, “According to Don Woodard, a high school principal in Johnston County, the students ' "demeanor is better and there are fewer disruptions because of teasing, or students being uncomfortable because of the apparel that others are wearing.” In that quote, the dress code did help with the teasing but if you read it twice you notice it says “fewer disruptions”, so even with the dress code there was still teasing

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