Arguments Against School Dress Codes

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Dress codes lock schools up like jail, and they don’t give students any freedom. Because of school dress codes, kids are revolting at this decision. People enforced dress codes so students couldn’t distract one another, as a result dress codes have impeded learning in many schools.Many people favor dress codes, yet they cost extra money, limit the student’s freedom, and they can be uncomfortable, which is why dress codes are unnecessary. In the first place, people with lower incomes may have trouble buying school uniforms. In the manual on school uniforms, it says, “ The cost of purchasing a school uniform may be a burden on some families.” It is unfair for people with low incomes to pay for extra clothes. Without dress codes, families wouldn’t …show more content…

In the article, Arguments Against School Uniforms, it says “ policies(dress codes) place limitations on freedom of expression…” This quote explains why most kids think dress codes are living nightmares. When all students look the same, it doesn’t let them express who they really are. Whenever kids wear what they want, they can express their personality through what they wear. On the contrary, the only problem about not having dress codes is that some kids bully each other for what they wear, which is totally unacceptable. Despite one disadvantage of not wearing uniforms, the advantages of not having dress codes greatly outweigh the bad sides. Nevertheless, dress codes can even be uncomfortable: Resources say “School uniforms can sometimes be uncomfortable,” because of button down shirts, collared shirts, etc. Even though a student may be sweating, dress codes force them to wear pants. A large population of boys with uniforms don’t want to tuck their shirt in, yet the uniform policy makes them. Because of these horrendous policies, kids can’t even go to school without feeling normal. Specifically, students won’t even feel like themselves when they go to school because they will feel and look like everyone

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