Dacula High School Dress Code Essay

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No matter what a student wears to school it doesn’t block or contribute weather a student will learn or not, so if a student wants to wear a crop top to school they should be able to wear it if a girl decides to wear shorts to school she should be able to wear it. Sometime boys might feel it’s too hot to come to school in a t-shirt and decides to wear a tank top he should be able to wear it and not have to serve a consequence. No matter how much schools have dress codes students will try to outbreak those rules. At the end of the day students come to school to get an education, students use their brains to learn and not what they wear to school. According to “Dacula high school dress code” students are not allowed to wear multiple things to school like shorts, crop tops, tank tops, rip jeans and trench coats and the list goes on. To me a crop top is like a sports bra, a sports bra is like a crop top. If girls can’t wear crop tops to school, why do we have cross country/ track girls in sports bras around the school training? Those same girls training around the school in those sports bras goes to Dacula high school, they are still apart of Dacula high school , they are breaking the school law by wearing sport bras around the school. Most crop tops shows half of your belly, sports bras shows your whole belly. My question is, why can those track/ cross country girls be around the school in sport bras but girls can’t wear crop tops to school. …show more content…

Girls can wear dresses. What’s the difference between dresses and trench coats? Trench coats are long like some dresses, some of the dresses have long sleeves. I don’t see any differences between trench coats and dresses. During the winter season, students try to stay warm as possible because some students get really sick during the winter season and may want to keep warm as possible from getting

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