Dress Code At Lmh

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Dress Code at LMH

A school dress code. What is it good for? How would students dress without a dress code? Are students more likely to dress how they want when a dress code is in place? These questions and ones similar to them are asked constantly, and are useful when contemplating a change in a schools’ dress code. LMH specifically has recently been considering changing the dress code due to the length of shorts people are wearing. There are also parts of the current dress code that are questionable, and should be discussed, the main example being the no bands on shirts rule. When it comes to where I personally stand on the issue, things become a bit blurry. The current dress code at LMH is almost perfect, except for the bands on shirts …show more content…

Back when I was in middle school, I was told the reason behind the no band shirts rule. It is there because musical groups may be seen as idols, and could distract the student from focusing on God. I understand this because it says in the bible that no one should have idols, but I also believe the school is thinking too hard about it. Has anyone is charge ever thought that students might wear shirts with bands on them just because they like their music or lyrics? Music is also constantly used to worship God, and contemporary Christian bands are played before and after Chapel, but we are still not allowed to represent bands. About the shorts issue, some people say that everyone should be able to wear whatever they want at school, but here’s where I do agree with the school dress code: when it comes to shorts there has to be a line somewhere. I think people should be able to wear most of what they want to wear to school, but if I want to see someone in basically underwear length shorts--which I usually don’t--I’ll honestly just go to a beach and watch the people there. School also is a different atmosphere than the beach or any other casual setting. For example, most people wouldn’t go to a job interview in their underwear (unless it’s something like a modeling company), and so most people wouldn’t go to school in nearly underwear length shorts. In conclusion, I think the “no musical groups on shirts” rule should either be lifted, or different offensive shirt types that include sexism or homophobia should be banned to balance out the dress code. I also believe that the required shorts length stated in the dress code is perfect the way it is, and they shouldn’t make it longer or ban

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