Dress Codes In Kaneland High School

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We all know the dress code very well, preventing us from wearing what we want and letting our real style shine through. Here at Kaneland, there are dress codes that I believe are not needed. For one, the girl’s shoulders are not supposed to be shown, but why is there such a huge deal about them? Is there something about shoulders that makes them so bad that you can’t show them? In the hallways of Kaneland High School there are girls who are wearing an item of clothing that goes against the code and told to change. How are students supposed to change if you have no clothes and the school clothes available are embarrassing because they never fit. Most students can tell that the person got in trouble for the clothing choices they made that morning when they see someone wearing school clothes. …show more content…

Now that doesn’t mean if the dress is shorter than your knee, it should result in consequences, because longer fashionable clothes are hard to find . Similarly, if the student’s arms are longer than the shorts, I don’t see an issue with that as long as there is not anything sticking or hanging out of them. During colder weather there are not a lot of problems with the dress code, but when it gets unbearably hot, girls want to pull out their shorts and tank tops. The main reason for the girls dress code rule is because guys are not able to control themselves, but they will have to learn to in the real world. Placing these rules so the guys can’t do anything is not preventing anything, it is just covering up the real problem at school. The main issue is not letting the students express their feelings through their choices in clothing. This is high school, this is time for the students to be able to express themselves and try different styles without having to worry about major

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