Newport Harbor High School Dress Code

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“I have spent countless lunches hiding behind my friends from Adrianna because I had a small patch my back showing, or I had a strap that was an inch smaller then what was deemed appropriate” sophomore Adena Rothbard explained.
She's just one of the many girls at Newport Harbor that have had to waste their lunches away because they were scared of being told to “cover up”. But how much of their skin do they actually have to cover up?
According to the Newport Harbor high school dress code, apparel has to be appropriate for professional working environment. Which means no halter tops, tube tops, crop tops, clothing that does not cover your undergarments at all-time, no clothing that is considered vulgar or obscene, and no gang related clothing?
Do you think that the dress code is sexist? That …show more content…

For many years now woman have been able to express themselves, and show that they are comfortable with their bodies.
But once again the male hierarchy has gone into play, and girls are told to hide their bodies away, and not be who they want to be. So that is what the young girls of this generation are being taught, that they need to be respectful at all times and make sure that the boys have all their accommodations met.
One study in particular called the “Everyday Sexism Project” tells a story of a young girl in high school, “I got dress coded at my school for wearing shorts. After I left the principal’s office with a detention I walked past another student wearing a shirt that depicted two stick figures: a male holding down a females head in his crotch and saying ‘good girl’s swallow’. The teacher walked right past him and didn’t say a thing”.
That statement says a lot about the way that girls and boys are treated when it comes to what types of clothing they are allowed to wear. And what the students are dress coded on needs to be changed, if not now then

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