School Dress Code Unfairly Target Girls

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You need to cover your shoulders,you need call home, School dress code unfairly target girls because their attire can be more distracting to male teachers and students. But boys are not necessarily being taught not to harass their female peers. By taking a girl out of class on a hot day for wearing something too revealing you basically saying that a boy's education and focus is more important than ours, because we spend time out of class to go to the office to call home for a change of clothes or even be sent home.dress codes make girls feel terrible like our bodies are inappropriate and need to be hidden. The dress code make girls feel apologetic and guilty like we’re responsible for other people's hormones and lack of self control. Don’t you think that’s wrong? Cause i do, i should be able to walk down the hallway with not worrying about male teachers and students staring at me or touching me. When girls are told to cover up because they don’t want boys to see them as a target their teaching girls to be afraid of boys. …show more content…

Sophie from illinois says that if a male touches a female it the female’s fault. Just because we wear clothes that shows some cleavage or something doesn't mean you should touch us or say something ugly it’s not our fault that you can’t control yourself or control what comes out of your mouth.Dress code lead to so much drama between people about how it’s always the girls fault when in reality it the guys fault they're the one’s who are making the decision to touch us or say something. Many girls have protested the dress code as sexist and that the unfairly target girls and body-shaming them for promoting sexual harassment. I truly do not agree with girl’s dress code. We’re not promoting sexual harassment we wearing clothes that want to the clothes that we look good in.Girls need to stop being told to cover up and boys to be old not to harass

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