Individuality Vs. Conformity In Public Schools

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Public schooling is a traditional system that almost everyone knows. It is a well -known system that people admire. Public schooling has two important goals it tries to instill in every student: every student will gain personal fulfillment as well as becoming well-rounded, highly educated citizens. This traditional system has been admired for so long, however, there are several criticisms towards it as well. Schools want students to embrace their uniqueness and show it off to the world with pride. But then why do schools want every student to conform to one set of rules that defines everyone. Individuality and conformity are two contrast topics that bring tension in the kids through dress code, mandatory classes, and how schooling goes hand …show more content…

All schools have a set of rules which they expect each student to obey blindly and with no objection. Yet many of these rules bring many controversial arguments along with them. One of the most commons one being the dress code. Every high school has a dress code to ensure the safety of their students, “ dress in appropriate attire which does not distract or offend others,” specifically the female population (Source F). Dress code is a controversial topic in every high school. Why? Style is a way for a person to show his or her personality with no need for actions. It allows a person to express their thoughts, emotions, and voice without really ever saying anything. Dress code, however, makes that choice limited, aiming mainly towards the girls. Girls are told to wear clothes that reveal nothing which closes their voice. They are not allowed to express their individuality and beauty in their own special way. Schools with strict dress code have established the fact that girls are just sex objects. This not true in any way. Everyone should have the right to dress in a way they feel comfortable and not conform to a school’s or society’s …show more content…

This may be true for some, but not for all. Schooling is highly important and gives us a sufficient amount of education. But learning from real-life experiences can provide much more education and valuable to a person’s life. In today’s society, not graduating from high school or college is symbolized as shameful. The most well-known Americans, “George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln? Someone taught, to be sure, but they were not products of a school system, and not one of them was ever “graduated” from a secondary school…” are high school dropouts, yet we praise them for all they have done. (Source A) Many people are successful without even resorting to the traditional school system. So why is it that success is codependent with forced schooling? Sadly, this question has never been answered. The amount of interest in education and acceptance of individuality is soon lost after finishing this system. Overall, public schooling and the system should support everyone has their own individuality, interests, opinions, and positions. Schooling shouldn’t rob students from these valuable qualities since they will define who we are as adults. They should support us not to conform to society and be the person you are, rather than enforcing it in their school rules. Individuality and acceptance of it are the real

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