Pros And Cons Of School Dress Codes In Schools

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The dress code policy for every school is different. From personal experience, I feel that females are more targeted at my school over boys. I have friends at different schools who can wear almost whatever they want and not be in violation of a school’s dress code. For example, one day a friend of mine, who attends Southern Boone High School, wore volleyball spandex and a very slim spaghetti strap tank top. If dress codes are going to be implemented, they need to be in affect fairly. When dress codes are implemented fairly school administrations will have less trouble dealing with upset students and their parents. Galen Sherwin wrote an article over a women 's rights project targeted at things that public schools can and can not do when it comes to dress codes, I felt that this article stated very good arguments toward this matter. Sherwin …show more content…

I myself have been sent home a couple of times for my shorts being too short. The only reason I had a problem with this punishment was because I am a very tall girl with long legs, therefore it made the shorts look shorter than they actually were. My mother had to explain to my school administration that I am very tall and that she would not buy something for me that would break school dress code policy. “In contrast to limits on dress as a means to providing a safe learning environment, school dress codes, in most cases, cannot be used to prevent students from expressing their religion beliefs. Both the Constitution and most state laws protect students’ rights to wear religious attire inool school, such as the wearing of a turban, yarmulke, or head scarf” (School Dress Codes.) School boards are generally allowed to create and enforce dress code policies within their district, they must do this without violating the constitutional rights of

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