Thesis Statement On School Uniforms

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School Uniforms THESIS: School uniforms provide safety for all students and should be enforced. What are school uniforms? School uniforms are just clothes that everyone wears in order to go to school in some places, School uniforms first came about around the 1550s, in London. A school called Christ 's Hospital decided to give fatherless and poor children a chance of education. Citizens of London provided clothing to the children, which were actually long blue coats. The children wearing the long blue coats eventually developed a name for the outfit, "Bluecoat." Soon many other Christ 's schools decided to have matching clothing for their students. Thankfully, there are some photographs of some of the uniforms back then. The photos showed that boys wore Tam O ' Shanters with pom poms and girls have starched aprons with gloves. Many school’s uniform policy is varied from place to place. What are the purposes of school uniforms? School …show more content…

Many students that know uniforms will be beneficially, but don’t agree with school uniforms will continue to disagree with implementing them. It can be easily agreed that school uniforms may take away their self-expression in school, but what matters more in school is the way of learning. It can also be agreed that many students do not accept the self-expression of their classmates and make fun of them. Students, parents, and school administration should be able to recognize the benefits that school uniforms come with. In conclusion, school uniforms are a great thing to have in schools. Even though there is that argument on whether school uniforms will violate the right of self-expression to students it will continue either way. At the end of the day students should see that there are more positive effects with uniforms rather than negative ones. It should be taking in consideration that the clothes a student wears will not determine the ability of learning, but why not pick school uniforms that can help stop current school

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