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PERSUASIVE SPEECH OUTLINE Jennifer Millner Course Title May 13, 2016 Organization: Problem-Cause-Solution Audience analysis: The audience is made of about 20 college-aged ladies and gentleman seeking a college degree. Topic: The problem I aim to address is the need for Dress Codes for Schools. General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience on the benefits of having a dress code at school. Introduction: I. Attention-Getter “A recent survey from Lands’ End found that the number of public schools with a dress code increased by 21 percent from 2000 to 2013” (The Concordian). II. Motive for Listening School dress codes are a great method to show students the significance of a respectable appearance which is a moral …show more content…

Main Point 1. Dress codes have be proven to increase a student success by encouraging students to focus more on their school work and less on their clothing. A. A dress code encourages a more serious learning environment which puts an emphasizes academics and promotes better behavior. B. Dress codes in school settings decrease social conflict, like bullying, and peer pressure that may be associated with appearance. C. Studies have shown that having a school dress code can reduce the frequency of behaviors that are conveyed through clothing by things like violence or promiscuity. Transition: Equally important is my second point. II. Main Point 2. Many people that are opposed to uniforms say that dress codes do not allow students to expression themselves which is untrue. A. Stuents will always find a way to express themselves, B. School uniforms do not keep students from expressing themselves, because what they wear is not the only outlet for their expression. Transition: This brings me to my third and final point. III. Main Point 3. The solution to the problem of sleep deprivation is to understand that God values our health and wants us to take care of the bodies He has given us. A. The description of a virtuous woman in Proverbs chapter

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