Why I Shouldn T Have Dress Code Essay

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Why We Shouldn’t Have A Dress Code? Students should be able to wear whatever kind of cloths they want to school because its freedom of expression. There shouldn’t be a dress code mainly because some people can’t afford the clothes the school wants the students to wear. Then there parents would have to worry about there kids getting in trouble at school. The kids should be able to dress the way they want and not have to worry about buying clothes you can’t even wear to school. Students should be responsible with what they wear it might not be perfect but they shouldn't be told exactly what to wear. The reason why we shouldn’t have a dress code is because of how many people get disciplined for the things they wear. The reason why students get sent home is …show more content…

Most clothes that are long sleeves and are jeans cost more money than shorts and tank tops. If the school provided clothes that were decent for the ones that couldn't afford clothes then a dress code might be appropriate, but until then we shouldn't have a dress code. The people that really dislike having a dress code should actually point it out and tell someone and try to have it changed if so many people dislike it. I honestly think the dress code should change because of the money cost. We also need to reinforce other school issues, but the mst thing is school dress code. Next this is a free country and nobody should be able to tell you what you can or can't wear. If your child gets sent home for dress code issues then I would be reporting it because it needs to change. It may not be a big problem for some people but for majority it is. When there is ⅓ student getting discipline for dress code that should be a little hint to talk about changing the dress code. The dress code is a huge deal because this is a free country and this can cost more money on families. It should be recommended to change it as soon as

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