Examples Of Classroom Observation

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Classroom Observations Mrs. Canada is the first grade teacher that I observed, and the subject that she was teaching was reading. She had planned well-organized power points and crafting materials in advance, so she was prepared for the lesson. The two times I observed, the lesson that was being taught at both times was reading. Children in the classroom used a lot of previous knowledge for the lesson. Each lesson was different and had different instructions, but the material was the same. On the first day that I observed the students had to complete a short worksheet. Half of the piece of paper was a short story called, “Sam the Snowmen”, and the other half was questions the child had to complete about the story. The teacher made them read the story three times, and to keep track of that number, the students filled in a star after each time they read it. It was also pajama day at school. On the second day of my observation the students had to write their name on a start and then cut out the star. After they were finished they made birthday cards for their principle. That day their school theme was Broadway/Disney characters, and all of the students were dressed up. They were so adorable, and so confident on what they wore. After the students were done making the cards, Mrs. Canada read them a …show more content…

During both observation days there was no behavior problems. It was a well obtained class, and I am excited to continue participating in this classroom. One student during the classes library visit came up and gave me a big hug. He would not let go for the longest time. This class has a special place in my heart and I only been in there two times. I felt that the children were very well behaved than most children. It was a bit shocking. All of them were extremely respectful of their teacher. I am excited to continue observing this class the next couple weeks. Being in an actual classroom makes me super excited for my

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