Fallstaff Observation

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Activity 1 Fallstaff elementary/ middle school was founded in 1985 and it’s a two story brick structure school. There is many windows located around the school and the shape is rectangular. The internal environment of Fallstaff is very warm and welcoming. When I first walk in I saw welcome signs, encouraging learning poster, and examples of how the students should dress. The school Philosophy is very evident and their mission of providing students with the concepts, the skills and training required to lead productive lives. There is a gym, art room, music room, library, and computer and depending on what day of the week decides what resource they will attend. Also the school has a faculty lounge, but they don’t have parent room. Throughout …show more content…

In this lesson, the objective was for students to learn the process of writing a paragraph and be able to write a paragraph using the writing process. The teacher go their attention by making the topic about thanksgiving, because it was an upcoming holiday and sudents were excited. Students had the opportunity to brainstorm for ideas (prewriting), make a draft, revise, make a final copy, and finally have their work. She explain to students that writing down their ideas is called prewriting and she gaave them a exmple on the baord. After that they finish writing their rough draft the teacher met with them and went over their mistakes. When they were finish meeting the student went back to write their final copy.A successful lesson is a lesson where my students are fully involved, listening and interacting with the and each other regarding the material presented. The teacher lessons are thought-provoking and fun at the same time because she believe the students want to have fun and that they learn more effectively when learning is a pleasure, not a chore. The true measure of a good lesson, however, is when I can look at tests and quizzes on the material and see a good level of understanding and comprehension on the student’s …show more content…

When doing this task I made sure to use real life example for the words, so they could get a better understand of the word. Once they start to recognize the words it was easier for them to spell and comprehend the meaning. I word have to direct the class to pull ou the book and make sure they were reading after they finish their work. Also, I went of many of the kids wam ups and exits tickets. Activity 7 During my time at the school I had to help students log in to there math program. Also, during testing I help many students log into the I ready

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