Wanamaker Elementary Classroom Observation

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It was 1:00 pm when I arrived at Wanamaker Elementary School. Patiently I waited outside the door. When I was finally let inside the classroom, I was welcomed by a mixture of bright smiles and blank stares. Mrs. Stark then introduced me to the class of twenty third graders. After she introduced me to the whole class, I quietly made my way to the back of the class. Within my observation of the classroom; I was able to see how the teacher interacted with the students, how gender role played a role within the students, and lastly see the how the students interacted. The first thing I observed and saw was how the teacher interacted with the students as she taught. I noticed that often she did not encourage the students to do better; she would just tell them to re-look at their papers and fix their papers if …show more content…

There are other ways you can learn in the classroom, you can learn from the environment that is around you. This process is known as enculturation and it can affect and even enhance learning. Repetition is what really affects someone in a culture. By seeing, hearing, and doing things over and over they start to become part of who you are. From the class I observed I noticed that the teacher often used repetition as the way to get the students to learn and get the correct answer. She did not simply tell the student what was wrong or the correct answer when they were wrong, she simply just said that is not the correct answer try again. This taught the students that the correct answer will not always be given to them right away, that they must work until they get it themselves. This is a good example of enculturation in the classroom. The students are learning from the repetition of correcting the problem. The lesson from this repetition strategy is that the more you are engaged within a culture, the more you will start to pick up norms from the

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