5th Grade Narrative

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It was finally the first day of 5th grade at Kaneland John Shields and I was not excited about it. My teacher was Mrs. North and everybody that I knew from 5th grade the year before complained that she is awful, mean, disgraceful, monsterious, rude, and a big jerk. Sure enough my friends were all right. That is when the misery started. "Goodmorning class," moaned Mrs North with a sophisticated look on her face. "Im Mrs North and I'll be your 5th grade teacher." Later in the year on a cold day,"Thats it you get a behavoir slip," screamed Mrs North loudly. "But I only dropped my sharpie on my desk," I explained. "Too bad," yelled Mrs North. When I got home, I told my mom everything that happened, "Ok Evan your off
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