8th Grade Dance Narrative

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The night of the 8th grade dance. It’s suppose to be one of the greatest times of an eighth grader's school year right? Nothing too bad could go wrong, besides stupid drama...right? Students dancing around, hanging out with their friends, and taking pictures in a photo booth sound great!...well maybe not quite…
The school Yearbook Club was setting up the photo booth and acting a little shady. But no one seemed to mind or notice. About twenty minutes later the photo booth was ready. A group of three students (Lexi ,Lauryn, and Lana) ran into the booth and everyone in the Yearbook club looked at each other with evil grins...but again no one seemed to mind or notice. The group of students inserted their money and got ready to take their photo. With one snap the students saw nothing but a bright white light and the sound of an elevator ding.
All three of them woke up in an elevator...but something was wrong. They all saw no colors except black and white. The elevator's door then opened and they all realized they were in the school's basement. As they walked out they
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They were all eventually down there for a couples of hours and knew the dance was still going on so they all started to scream and cry for help, but it didn’t seem to do much. So they all just went back to searching for something with color. Lauryn then realized that her lips were really chapped and asked Lana if she could borrow her chapstick. When Lana pulled it out of her purse Lexi noticed something and yelled the word color! Lexi had noticed that Lana’s strawberry pink chapstick still had it’s color! No one knew how or why but it was there way out! They all knew that had to put it on quickly because the chapstick began to turn to a shade of gray. Once everyone had it on, their shades of black and white faded away and turned into beautiful colors of the
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