Lizabeth's Place In Rural Maryland During The Great Depression

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The setting takes place in rural Maryland during the 1929 Great Depression. The main character we here from in the short story is Lizabeth. She takes us through life during that time and how she became a woman during childhood. Lizabeth being the narrator explains to the audience how bland the area looks, she does this by saying “Surely there must have there must have been lush green lawns and paved streets under leafy shade trees somewhere in town; but memory is an abstract painting – it does not present things as they are, but rather as they feel”. She gives the audience a glimpse of what her area really looks like and from the sound of it, it’s glassless, dull, and dry. The only spot of color was held in Miss Lottie’s garden, marigolds. One day Lizabeth’s brother asked her if she wanted to go somewhere, she said yes of course. They loved bother elders and decided to bother someone new, Miss Lottie. They hopped the fence in their raggedy old clothes. Once they were over they gathered pebbles and hid in the bush until she came out. Once kneeling and tending to the garden the kids began to throw pebbles her way beheading the marigolds one at …show more content…

That is why the picture I have chosen goes perfectly with the setting that Lizabeth described vividly at the beginning of the story and throughout. The image that I have selected shows the dullness in the surrounding area and shows how gloomy the atmosphere was. This image shows the hardships that the kids had to go through especially without having enough to eat. This picture explains the reason for Lizabeth’s raggedy clothes as the kids in the picture have such. No one during this time had time to be fancy or even have money to eat out. People during this time especially hard working Americans had to find a place to work, spend their money wisely, and conserve whatever, no matter how little of what they

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