1865-1945: A Historical Analysis

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During the periods of 1865 through 1945, the United States went through a series of highs and lows. Almost like a teenager going through his or her first years of high school, this era was an emotional rollercoaster for most Americans. From the drastic improvement of technology innovation, to economic decrease; The United States never had stable good or bad era because of events such as The Second Industrial Revolution and The Great Depression.

In the early 1870s, the United States began booming in economic growth; making the country a very promising time for Americans to start earnings wages. Due to the growth in jobs and economy, The Second Industrial Revolution was born. For example, Eric Foner, the author of Give me Liberty stated,“the country enjoyed abundant natural resources, a growing supply of labor, an expanding market for manufactured goods, and the availability of capital for investment….”(Foner, 2014, page 593). The new territories that the United States acquired after the Civil War gave Americans motivation to innovate their country through the industrial industry. Jobs such as factory production, mining and railroad construction were all in high demand and gave thousands of unemployed Americans and immigrants employment. During The Second Industrial Revolution, employers
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It was a period where economic growth, technological innovation and labor demand was at it’s all time high during The Second Industrial Revolution. Consequently, this was also a period where the nation hit it’s all time low and gave birth to the United States greatest economic downfall, the Great Depression; nearly destroying the nation. No matter how high or how low the United States got, one thing is known from these situations, and that is nothing lasts forever. No matter how great a nation is, it will always fall somehow and no matter how bad a nation gets, it will get better
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